Sunday, February 12, 2012

Papier-mâché Mobile

If for no other reason at least I get to make a mess and have fun doing it....

When I first found out that I was pregnant I decided I was going to make a mobile for the baby.  Finally, my idea is coming to fruition.  Now there are nine brightly painted papier-mâché balls of varying sizes drying on the window sill.  Next step will be to paint different designs and patterns on each - I'm really looking forward to this part - not as gooey and messy, but looking forward to getting creative.

Papier-mâché paste recipe:
1 cup all purpose flour + some
1 cup water
pinch of salt

*As always I don't really measure, but sort of guestimate!  
Slightly more flour is best as it will be thicker, easier to work with and most importantly strong.  The salt will help to prevent mold.  Make sure each layer completely drys all the way before adding the next.  I used balloons as the base for this project. 

The paste lasted for awhile covered in the refrigerator and when needed I would add more water, flour, and bit of salt and whisk together.  

Each sphere seemed sufficiently hard enough after three coats of pasted newspaper.  Be sure to remove the cut edges from the newspaper before making strips as they will not mesh and end up creating a seam.   

The interesting part will be suspending and hanging these colorful orbs!  

Today while applying a second coat of paint, Nugget & I were listening to Xavier sharing the music and the moment!