Monday, February 20, 2012

Organic (Bio) Produce Delivery

All the farmers markets in Frankfurt are great, but as my belly grows and near the arrival of the baby I've been searching for ways to make life a little easier especially for the first couple of months after we are home and adjusting.  Grocery shopping is a daily chore here for me and the burden of the chore increases as my energy plummets.

Life saver found!  Paradieschen is an organic (bio) food delivery service in the Frankfurt area and a blessing.  Last week was our first trial delivery and I must say I am thus far pleased with the service.  I even had to Google a couple of the items we received: puntarelle, Roman salad green delicacy and Black Root, which is native to North America and unfortunately not safe for pregnant women to consume.  There was a decent amount of produce and only a couple apples and a few carrots remain.  The weekly delivery "Familie Klein" (small family 2-3 people) will cost around 16 euros.  The invoice comes with recipes printed on the back and an overview of what will arrive the following week.

On top of the standard produce delivery they also have an online market full of organic (bio) products from meat, bread, and cheese to wine, prepared foods, noodles, and body care products.  I have yet to order anything extra, but as I await today's delivery and look through the available products I anticipate that my orders will increase in the future.