Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Newspapers & Learning Deutsch

This week began with an ego boost as I successful returned a purchase speaking in 100% German!  Needless to say I was overjoyed and promptly sent a text to my husband along the lines of "Boooyaaa...Sprechen Deutsch!"...yes I actually typed out Boooyaaa!

I'm concocting my own plan for learning German as I will soon be done with my language course and taking care of our new baby - 5 weeks exactly!  So between German films, newspapers, and Rosetta Stone coupled with daily interactions I will continue to improve my Deutsch speaking abilities maybe even become fluent.

So with that in mind I must share today's newspapers...Newspapers must not be hurting as much here.  When Wednesdays roll around we receive three free newspapers - this is just on Wednesday.  Take a glimpse....I am at the point where I can understand the point of most articles, but not everything.

Now onto film!  We were able to find two films that sounded decent at the local Saturn store.  Surprisingly, the store carries hundreds of DVDs - however most are Hollywood.  The whole point of using film to aide in learning a language is that the film is in it's original version with English subtitles and subtitles in the original language.  So you begin by watching the film with English subtitles until you get the film down and then switch to the native subtitles.  I love movies so I am hoping this helps and that our choices are not flops.  So we are looking forward to watching Vier Minuten (Four Minutes) and Kokowääh (the way a German would pronounce the French dish Coq au Vin).  Here's to hoping these are good learning tools!