Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Folklore at Work = Trip to Dentist

You are probably thinking...."Why is there a picture of dental impressions?"  Well first, I think they are pretty cool, they are my impressions, and they have given me a new appreciation for my teeth of which I previously maintained low opinions.

While I was pregnant, I heard of some old midwifery folklore - For every child a woman bears she loses a tooth.  My immediate reaction was determination to keep my teeth in my head.  I made sure I was ingesting enough calcium and vitamin D not just with prenatal vitamins, but diet as well as sunshine.  The later being scarce in Frankfurt from November to April.  But I don't like going to the dentist - there is always something wrong - generally a cavity which requires filling.

So, a few months ago, when a tooth started bothering me I had a foreboding feeling that a root canal was in my future.  Was I surprised?  No.  But why did the folklore have to become true in a foreign country where I was unfamiliar with dental practices.  Because nature waits for no one.  Time to buck up!

Well, on the recommendation of a friend, I made an appointment with Dr. Schmitz - no this is not an advertisement, but I highly recommend this dental practice (Zahn Praxis) in the Frankfurt city center near Goetheplatz.  The whole staff happily spoke English with me and made sure that I was comfortable and had all my questions answered.  Dr. Schmitz determined that I needed a root canal and crown.  Argh!

After four appointments, I have a no pain and a tooth with a porcelain crown that is as good as new.  The out of pocket costs are similar to the US.  Got to love insurance.  We didn't have to pay to have a baby or a midwife making home visits, but by golly I paid to have my tooth drilled, cleaned, impressed, and finally sealed up with a crown.  I am pretty sure the costs are similar to the US after talking with my Dad.  And maybe I could have found a cheaper dentist or gone to an Eastern European country like some do because it is cheaper, but I would not change it for anything.  Peace of mind is priceless - especially when it comes to health care.

Dr. Schmitz even let me keep the impressions of my teeth.  I guess I did pay for them so why not.  I am thankful for the dental practice that I've found here in Frankfurt.

What other folklore is out there waiting for me to discover - literally?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hello 2013!!!

As we welcome the new year, I must take a look back on the last year as so much has happened in our life and the lives of our families and friends.  The most obvious biggest change and blessing to our lives is our baby who is turning into a very expressive, "talkative", energetic and independent child.  She has a mind of her own and strong will to back it up.  We have friends who have welcomed new family members with births and marriages - the silver lining of an eventful year.  We have friends and family who have left this earthly plane for a more heavenly one and may their souls rest in peace.  I've learned that mourning from a distance is far different beast - without memorabilia, photographs, family, visitations, funerals and the general comfort of being with others during the grieving process.  However, peace can be found for us all - my peace came with music.  For me, 2012 has been the year that shows just how much can and does happen in twelve months.

So, with all of that in mind, I've decided to give each new year one word to describe my hope for those 365 days.  The word I give to 2013 is ENJOYMENT - to really enjoy something one must be present physically, mentally and emotionally; which might involve slowing down and savoring a delicious dinner, limited time with friends and family, and my daughters laugh.  Well, nothing can grab ones attention like the laugh of child...pure joy.

I was feeling very lucky as we rang in the New Year with my parents and dear friends.  As I may have stated before I was looking forward to seeing the fireworks that everyone lights off at midnight.  Well, I was not disappointed in the least.  The display, which we watched with champagne from our balcony was spectacular.  Since we are the sixth floor, we were eye level with the exploding color show and the smoky side affects.  It was like standing inside a fireworks snow globe.  And the babies slept through the hour long chorus of explosions and loud blasts.  * Side note in Germany people do not say "Frohes Neue Jahr / Happy New Year" until after midnight.

There are 349 days left in 2013 and I plan to experience and gain as much joy and enjoyment as possible.

What is your word for the new year?