Thursday, January 26, 2012

Share The Music

We are starting Nugget out young, sharing music, loving music, and dancing (when no one is looking) - thanks to my friend Erin who gave me this awesome gift....Sound Beginnings.  Basically, it's a tube top with built in speakers and a pocket for your iPod or any mp3 player.

As I type - we are listening to Paul Simon.  Actually, I am listening to Internet radio, but I do have the option of plugging my headphones and listening to the same music as Nugget.  Gone are the days of holding headphones to your baby bump.  Plus, the fabric band can hold up my pants as well!  This was possibly the most awesome gift - very unique and much easier than the old fashioned method.  Love sharing music with Nugget - I pray that he or she is blessed with rhythm, unlike me!

8 months & jammin'