Friday, January 6, 2012

Picture Perfect

Santa was reading my mind this year....A Canon Rebel DSLR!  In our travels around we've taken hundreds of pictures and many times found ourselves wishing we had a better camera to get the desired shots of the great architecture, views, and experiences - well Santa must have heard our wish!

Although I have much to learn about my new camera, I am looking forward to capturing moments and better photographs.  Hope to post pics from the new camera soon - until then, here are some of my favorite shots so far.....
Flooded moat - Strasbourg, France

Moat at sunset around Strasbourg, France
Overlooking village & vineyard - Durbach, Germany

Vineyard overlooking village - Durbach, Germany

Pedestrian street, shops, architecture - Antwerp

Saturday Market and the largest capers I've ever seen - Antwerp

Het Steen, medieval fortress & castle - Antwerp

Puppets & Marionettes everywhere - Prague

Foggy Prague & sweet red berries

View of Prague from outside the castle 

Graffiti wall mostly dedicated to John Lennon - Prague