Monday, January 16, 2012

European Bucket List

After a wonderful home visit to Michigan over Christmas & New Years we return to Germany with much to look forward to and feeling replenished - well with the exception of jet lag and a cold!

Four months passed between moving and the holidays and those months flew by - now I feel the need to make a European Bucket List.  We will only be here for a limited time and there are so many places to see...where to start...we've received some input, but welcome any additional ideas or recommendations.  Please comment if you know of or highly recommend any destinations/sights....So far we've come up with this list - not in any particular order:

-Amsterdam & The Hague
-Brunnen, Switzerland
-Palermo, Sicily
-Brussels & Bruges, Belgium
-Budapest, Hungary
-Copenhagen, Denmark

We are open to suggestions!  There are just so many places and so little time - not to mention - my teenage dream of backpacking around Europe will soon include our baby in a backpack.