Sunday, December 9, 2012

St. Nicholas Visits!!!

Filled with joyous surprise and childish excitement......that was me when I opened our door Thursday morning (December 6 - St. Nicholas day here in Germany) to find a little red Christmas gift bag on our stoop.  As there were no boots left outside the door, it appeared that St. Nic improvised and left us chocolate Santas, clementines and nuts.

I'm guessing that our secret St. Nicholas was my sweet neighbor or her boyfriend.  It seems that jolly old St. Nic visited her as well and propped some pine bows against her door so the mystery continues.  Honestly, I like not knowing - feels magical that way.  I love surprises!  However, I must know and will certainly be asking my neighbor today.

Such a sweet and thoughtful gesture and the timing could not be more perfect as the holidays season is here and I am feeling that homesick ache for family, friends, familiarity, tradition and good old camaraderie.  It is moments like this that have a settling effect that dull the angst and struggles of living abroad and make life more comfortable.  The basic human need for connection is fulfilled and life continues on in anticipation for the next visitors...Mom & Dad!!!  There are not words for my barely contained excitement for their visit which will be a perfect night cap to this holiday season.

Finally, my next moment of pure joy (as it happens every year) SNOW!!!  Yes, I still find my self jumping up and down a bit with a permanent grin as the fluffy white stuff floats down from the heavens.  This year looks promising for Frankfurt getting snow quite contrary to the depressing doldrums inducing chilly grey days of last year.  If it is going to be cold at least let there be some beautiful snow!

Thank you St. Nicholas!

Have you had any St. Nicholas experiences???  I'd love to hear them.