Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Learning Curve

Look closely...yes there are SIX packages of salt there!  We've accumulated quite the collection in a little over a year.  Our searches  for the desired or called for crystal size have resulted in quite the collection and they are mostly sea salt - still looking for actual Kosher salt.  I found myself giggling when I realized how much we had the other day and I had to take a picture.

So if you are out looking for salt.....

Körniges Küchensalz = Table Salt
Meersalz = Sea Salt
Kräutersalz = Salt with dried herbs

mit Jod = with iodine

And then there are the mountain salts, some of which is harvested in the Alps and widely available.  One of the common brands is Bad Reichenhall from near Salzberg - if you translate it literally it means Salt Mountain.

We've also experimented with several types of flour as there is no standard "All Purpose" type flour.  The spice drawer is also full of interesting options and duplicates that vary in granule size or were bought because I thought it was something completely different.  One of the many joyous challenges of living the expat life.