Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow & Tannenbaum!!!

Two weeks ago we were graced with the magical fluffy white stuff here in Frankfurt.  More snow than all last year it seemed fell in one weekend.  I was in heaven, yes, the first snows make me as excited as a school kid on a snow day.  Love it!  Since it is usually just grey and dreary here it made the climatic event very magical.  I even found a snowman in the park....

It was hard to tell if Hannah liked the snow - she was definitely intrigued as she is with so many things.  She watched the flakes falling, well when she wasn't sleeping!  Looking forward to when she can play in the snow.

Our first Tannenbaum - Christmas Tree - in Frankfurt.  OK, so it is hard to see because Travis was walking so fast carrying the tree home over his shoulder - oh the city life differences.  But that is him way in the foreground carrying home our not quite Charlie Brown tree.  We are getting really excited for Hannah's first Christmas and have broken our original plan to buy her only a gift or two, but of course, we are finding things she "really" needs :)

So the tree is up, the snow is gone and Christmas is days away.  The grocery stores are closed like normal on Sunday, only open till 12 noon or 2pm on Monday and closed on Christmas Day (as they should be) so the stock piling of food has begun.  With our refrigerator only a little bigger than a hotel mini fridge, I am hoping that it stays cold enough to use the balcony - Michigan style.  A little snow would be nice too, but not too much to affect Grandma & Grandpa's flight here.

Wishing everyone peace, health and happiness over the holidays and throughout the New Year!