Monday, December 3, 2012

Heidelberg with Nana

What can I say there is always a castle!  Heidelberg is a beautiful city with a huge well preserved castle, plus it is only an hour from Frankfurt on the ICE train and since I don't have a car this made a great day trip for us girls during Nana's visit.
Nana & Hannah on the train
Our day started out by missing that speedy train to Heidelberg, but we simply went to the DB desk in the main train station and switched to the next train which was painless compared to what I anticipated.  After all that running trying to catch the train and the stress and worry of missing it - watching it pull away - we opted to pass our time waiting for the next train enjoying chocolate croissants.  

Once to Heidelberg, we grabbed a map at the tourist center just outside the train station, got our barrings and headed off to the old city center (Altstadt).  We decided to go straight away to the castle as it was the one thing we definitely planned on doing and didn't know how long it would take.  Making the trek up the hill was damp, but between the sweat and the drizzle my chocolate croissant was washed away.  There is a train up to the top - fare included in your entrance ticket to the castle - but my lack of planning (noticing a theme yet) or free spirit neglected to find out where the train stopped.  We did take it down!

The castle is great, bigger than I imagined and full of history.  We splurged on the audio tour, which was insightful and interesting.  During our castle exploring we stopped for lunch in the cafe for little sandwiches.   Hannah was a trooper in the pack for the most part.  In all the tour took a couple hours, rushing through the rainy mist, stopping for lunch and checking out the Apotheke (apothecary) museum exhibit.

All I really have our castle pictures of this adventure.  Enjoy!  I should mention that I've been playing with the Lightroom photo editing software so my lack luster photos from Heidelberg have been edited and it was fun!

Castle Terrace 

View from terrace overlooking the city

Overlooking the Neckar River

Castle gardens

Castle Powder  (ammunition) Tower