Monday, March 18, 2013

Transient Music

Just when something starts to click, to feel comfortable, to feel right then it is gone.  A fact of living in such an international community.  Just like living in a seasonal community whether along the pristine shores of Lake Michigan, at the base of snowy mountain in Colorado or in a city like Frankfurt - people are always coming and going.

I'm not trying to be a downer.  However, last week we found out that the children's music class that we've been attending and Hannah absolutely loves will be cut short after the next session because the teacher is moving again.  Just as I was raving about this class to all my mom friends and getting them to sign up.  I am so glad that we found this class with Me Happy Child  and a great teacher, Giovanna.  The program is based on Music Together with classes all over the world.  Giovanna said one of us could take over, but I think it is unlikely.

The program or curriculum is really great and I highly recommend it anyone with small children.  I think Hannah would too if she could talk (she is getting there!).  Both the websites for Me Happy Child and Music Together are full of information on the benefits of music for children.  There are classes all over the world.  The idea of starting a class is tempting, but time consuming.

So, now maybe we will search for a new music class or just continuing jamming out at home like we normally do.  The transience can be frustrating, not just missing this class, but the people.  We've been here for about 18 months and have already said hello and good-bye to so many people.  I know it is most difficult for those living here long term and I have some friends that are permanent Frankfurters and find this very frustrating.  I can only imagine.  We will make the most of our time here and embrace all those that we have the privilege of getting to know.  Some amazing people and experiences have come into our life living here.

Any music class recommendations???