Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Language & Laughs

One has to be able to laugh at oneself and see the humor in life.  Sometimes I find myself laughing out loud at I did today after completing a Google translation for something that I've been seeing in the produce section at the local Rewe grocery store.

On all of the produce signs there is listed the name, price and country of origin.  This time of year few things besides apples are from Germany.  So buying local can be difficult, but this is very important to me so I do my best to buy local or at least from close neighbors.  Most fruits and veggies are arriving from Spanien (Spain), Italien (Italy), Argentinien (Argentina), Peru, S├╝d Afrika (South Africa), etc.  There are many labels, at least at Rewe that read Declaration of Etikett???

Organic (Bio) Lemons from Spanien (Spain)
These Oranges appear to be from "Declaration of Etikett"???

I had never heard of "Declaration of Etikett" before and this bothered me.  So much of the produce had this where others listed a familiar country.  Not to mention this "Declaration of Etikett" was growing everything from eggplants and potatoes to onions and lettuce and strawberries.  I was baffled and needed to know where on the globe this place was that was growing so much - sounded exotic.

So, I consulted Google.  No results.  So then I found my way to Translate and typed in "Declaration of Etikett".  Drum roll please......Etikett = Label.  HAHAHA!!!!  Yes, I laughed out loud at myself.  This is not a place after all, but just a generic label for the rapidly overturning stock of produce from wherever the label reads.  HA!

Well, there is my cultural language lesson of the week.  Still giggling on the inside ; )