Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maiden Ride

She is her father's daughter - she loves to go fast!!!    

Living in a "big" city has many perks like public transportation, which I use regularly, but Frankfurt is a great city for a bike, plus it is free. In the past I've bought monthly transportation passes from RMV for a little more than 60 euros per month at any of the main stations.  The 9-Uhr-Pass is good after 9am and after 7pm and on weekends significant others can ride with your for free, plus it is transferable to another person.  There is also a really handy app for smartphones that allows you to buy one way, round trip or day passes.

Thanks to Santa, Hannah and I have our very own bike that my husband refers to as our mini van.  The WorkCycles FR8 bike arrived the end of January and so far I love it.  Travis picked out all the pieces and the Netherlands based company assembled and shipped our unique ride - including a brain bucket small enough for Hannah's head.  At first, I was concerned by the immense weight (50lbs.) which is not something I am use too, but Frankfurt is pretty flat so this is really not a problem.

Yesterday we took our maiden voyage together.  Hannah loved it - I'm assuming the view, speed and openness far surpass riding around in the Kinderwagon.  We have plenty of room for groceries, bags, picnics and whatever we may need to haul around.

There will be less waiting around for buses, trams and subways, which is beneficial to my chronic lateness.  More sun shinning on our faces and of course more exercise for me are always welcome.  So many experiences and adventures lie ahead of us.  In and around Frankfurt there are so many bike trails for us to explore.  I think that Hannah will enjoy our journeys much more now.

Until next time.....

Be Well!