Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Muscat Grapes

I love stumbling across a new food, especially when it's tasty and healthy.  Welcome...Muscat Grapes.  These green grapes with a red-ish pink hue are a combination of the best qualities of green and purple grapes.

After finishing the grapes and deciding to blog about them I needed to learn more about them.  Although these sweet little aromatic wonders are new to me they are far from new.  Apparently, these are one of the oldest known grapes and used in hundreds of wines and grown all over the world.  They can range in color from light to very dark.

Maybe it's living in a big city, maybe it's being in Europe surrounded by fresh markets everywhere, but I am discovering new produce all the time whether it arrives in our weekly delivery or I find it at a street market.

Cooking can become very interesting when using new ingredients and translating new recipes.  In this weeks delivery we received a pack of herbs for "Grüne Soße" (green sauce) a Frankfurt specialty.  The sauce even has it's own festival coming up soon - May 21-28.  Once I collect a few needed ingredients I will make my first attempt at green sauce.

Stay tuned!!!