Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Market Discovery

I've discovered my new favorite sinful treat...Cardamon & Date Cream Cheese.

Last week at the Friday market in Friedberger Park I decided to try something new and very glad that I did indeed.  Usually I pick up hummus and olives - we've been trying all the different olive combinations lately.  Lemon & parsley olives, Parmesan olives, garlic & coriander olives - all are very delicious by themselves and mixed in salads.  This week I might just have to try a new flavorful cream cheese, but will certainly be picking up more cardamon & date.

Since signing up for the organic produce delivery I've encountered produce that I've never seen before, which is always exciting.  Most recently, we received bärlauch which translates to ramson in English.  The dark green wild garlic/leek leaves paired well with Chanterelle mushrooms in a pasta sauce.  I wonder what we will be surprised with next....thank goodness for Internet!