Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Welcome Baby Girl

On March 14, we welcomed our little Nugget, a baby girl into the world and what a miracle.  She is perfect, precious, and the sweetest thing.  Now my days are consumed with eating & sleeping - for her and me.

My Mom, a very ecstatic Grandma, made her first trip over seas to come meet her first grandchild and lets just say she didn't want to leave.  I am so grateful that she made the journey and appreciative of her help.  Now that she has gone, eating, sleeping, and getting things done around the house are bit more interesting.

We are adjusting to life quite well and really enjoy our afternoon naps together.  There have been some great diaper changing moments for both my husband and myself.  We watch her facial expressions like a great movie and listen to her grunts and various noises like they are our favorite musicians.  Bath time is always interesting and dinner time is a juggling act since it is, of course, her most wide awake time.  I am looking forward to this journey and teaching our little Nugget about the world.

People can tell you that having a child is a miracle, but you never know what they mean until you experience it for yourself.