Friday, May 11, 2012

Bamburg, Germany

**Unfortunately, my decrepit old computer can not find the drive with all of my pictures & music (Argh!) so I will have to upload the pictures for now just words!

Last weekend, Hannah experienced her first overnight trip, first hotel, first road trip, first real adventure!

In celebration of Travis's birthday we went to Bamburg, Germany - they have a lot of beer there and well, Travis likes beer.  Although it rained all weekend we enjoyed our time and spent Saturday walking around with friends - basically eating and drinking all day.  Travis sampled lots of different beers...stuff you can not get in Frankfurt, while I indulged in water, coffee, and apple juice.  

However, I sipped and sampled some beers.  I had to try the "smoke beer" that the guys kept talking about because it is unusual.  The pungent aroma of a wood stove is difficult to get over and a bit deceiving.  Although I'd probably only drink one and not before a meal it was not bad, but not a spring or summer drink of choice.  The smell took me back home immediately.  

On Saturday we walked around and I snapped a few pictures, which proved to be difficult to do while holding an umbrella.  The rain was intense and my pants were soaking wet - definitely need to invest in rain boots!  Regardless, we walked around the cathedral (not open as there was a service going on), which is celebrating it's 1000th anniversary.  I still have to work to wrap my mind around that fact, but coming from such a young country has that affect I guess.  There was much to see and the architecture is so old and the city is charming.

Hannah was super - between relaxing in our arms and being passed out in the back pack she really didn't complain.  Maybe she was sleeping so much because she hardly did the night before!!!  She is ready for our adventure next week - Lake Lucerne, Switzerland.  I am planning the trip now - or at least I should be - we have a hotel booked at least.

So now the adventures really begin for our family.  My "backpacking" through Europe begins albeit my backpack contains the sweetest gift, Hannah, who happens to spit up on me!  The much anticipated travels begin.  Time is also flying by and I feel the crunch and the urge to travel far and wide before we move back home because that date will be here before we know.  We will be hopping in the car, on trains or planes as much as possible - as long as we all have clean underwear and a toothbrush we will be set.