Thursday, December 4, 2014

Where To Eat In Frankfurt

WOW!  (choke) It has been entirely too long since I've shared a story, a few words or pictures. Where did the time go!  And now here we are staring down the last weeks as expats, incredible how time can be so fluid.

Notice, I am not giving an excuse for my lack of entries, simply because I do not have good one. Procrastination is an art form in my world...unfortunately.

So, lets get to it.  Frankfurt restaurant recommendations!  I love food and want to share some of our favorite places to eat in Frankfurt.  Of course, having a two year old entails some limitations to an evening out for dinner.  But our favorites.......

(**) kid friendly :)

German/European -
Eckhaus - Nordend/Bornheim
**Gingko - Nordend/Bornheim
Salzkammer - city center
Moksha - Nordend
**Harvey's - Nordend
**Paulaner am Dom - city center
Mirador - Nordend

Indian -
**Mera Masala - Bornheim
Delhi Tandoori - city center
**Diya - Bornheim

Thai -
**Koh Samui - city center (may be my favorite)
Ayrodee (imbiss) - city center

Italian/Mediterranean  -
**Rucola - (Nordend)
**L'Unico - Westend
La Divina - Westend
Ristorante Garibaldi - city center
Gallo Nero - city center

Cafes -
Kleines Cafe Schneider - Nordend
Cafe Caramel - Nordend
**Glauburg Cafe - Nordend
**Strand Cafe - Nordend
Relax - Nordend
**Frohsein - city center
Cafe Karin - city center

Brunch -
Moksha - Nordend
**Frohsein - city center
Druckwasserwerk - Hauptbahnhof
Cafe Karin - city center
Walden - city center
Cafe Caramel - city center

Imbiss - Falafel -
**Aroma - Nordend

Miscellaneous -
Vipho - Nordend
Urban Kitchen - city center

Beer Garden -
**Dauth Schneider - Sachsenhausen

Wine Bar -
Piccolo - Nordend (a favorite spot ;)

Backery -
Kronberger - Nordend
Rausch's Konditorei & Backerei - Nordend
Baugette Jeanette - Bornheim
**Kaiser Bio Backerei - Nordend

There are still so many places to try and so little time.

We will be moving back to Michigan in 16 days!!! (Gulp, sob, smile, sob) So many emotions and feelings, but we are all looking forward to the next chapter.  And...Hannah's first Christmas with family!!!