Monday, June 23, 2014

Barcelona II

Shadow of the Wind walking tour - I had to do it since I love the book and had just read it a few months before visiting Barcelona.  Before leaving I snapped a picture of the map in the back of my copy of the book and on my last day in this splendid mysterious and gothic city I walked the imagined footsteps of Daniel and saw the buildings behind the inspirations for Shadow of the Wind.  I only missed Nuria Moport's apartment - very important, but I had no choice as Hannah had had enough of my wandering around and fleeting moments of being lost.  Still so glad that I did this ltt

Casa Batlló

Daniel's home & bookshop

Cemetery of Forgotten Books (a dark damp creepy little alley)

Plaza Real, Barceló's Apartment

Els Quartre Gats - a real restaurant that I unfortunately did not try

Barcelona Cathedral
old house on Avenida del Tibidabo - maybe the inspiration for the Aldaya mansion