Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to Reality

Our summer holiday back to the mitten - Michigan - was lovely.  Feeling really blessed to have spent so much time with the ones we love and doing what we love.  I will remember forever the smell of home when I went running early in the morning, the air so fresh clean almost intoxicating and there is nothing like that in Frankfurt.  Maybe our camping trip this weekend will reveal some fresh crisp air.

In homage to the state I love and to our pilgrimage home here are some pictures.....

Waking up to a sunrise on Long Lake (Traverse City, Michigan) is my pure bliss.  There is no greater serenity than sitting down with a steaming cup of coffee on the porch to journal with the cool morning air inviting the day.  While we were home I received a sticker with a picture of Michigan and the words, "Wherever I Roam Michigan is Home" no words can ring more true for me.  And as far as inland lakes go....Long Lake rocks!  The air, water, purity and peace are all addicting.  The boating, kayaking, swimming and paddle boarding are excellent and some of our favorite past times.

We were lucky enough to be home for over a month.  In that time, we celebrated the 4th of July, my Dad's birthday, Hannah met almost all of her family for the first time - missing some great aunts & uncles and one grandparent who we will see in February, took part in an awesome wedding for some of our dearest friends, saw Dave Matthews Band at Pine Knob near Detroit, drove all over Michigan, and Travis did the Chicago to Mackinac Race (and worked too).  Needless to say we crammed in as much as possible and had a great time.  Michigan started to feel like home again - it was great to see our family and friends.  Time flew by especially the last couple weeks.

The fireworks on Long Lake were awesome this year.  We were lucky enough to be sitting out on the boat watching them - nearly right under them.  The Gray family dog, Opus, has now decided he doesn't really like those loud and bright things so much anymore.  Hannah on the other hand slept through the whole display.  And yes that is a picture of us with her bundled in the carrier passed out and me wearing a big grin because life doesn't get much better than that moment.  Still can't believe she slept through the fireworks.

It is safe to say that Hannah impressed me (us) quite a bit on this trip home.  She was a champ on the 8 hour flight to Chicago, she didn't poo for 15 days, she cut two teeth (!!!) while we were home, went swimming several times and she grew longer and stronger.  Hannah was a complete peach with meeting new people all the time, driving around in a car way more than she was use to and being held by new adoring folks very frequently.  I'm not bragging (maybe a little), but she was awesome.  She even started taking naps, real substantial naps not just 15 minute rests.  She must love Michigan and all it contains as much as her parents!

One more thing to love about Michigan -wildflowers!  Sweat peas, daisies, bee balm, day lilies, clovers, orange butterfly flowers, and the list goes on.  And of course there are the Farmers Markets, blueberries, peaches, cherries, and so much fresh local produce.  It is a great feeling - sometimes overwhelming- when walking around, going to the grocery or out to eat and you see dozens of people you know greeting you with a smile or a hug....much different than life here in Frankfurt.  Something I miss, but appreciate even more when we are home.

Finally, I end this entry with the sunset - seems appropriate.  There is no vista more breath taking than a Lake Michigan sunset.  This picture was taken on the South Beach in South Haven, Michigan.