Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kinder Medicine

Unfortunately I found out because Hannah has an eye infection, but medications for children are free in Germany.  Maybe free isn't the correct word - the medications do not cost you a penny when you go to the drug store or apothecary (apotheke) with your prescription.  How amazing is that!?  I was surprised as this is quite different than the United States.

One other difference....A big difference.  Nothing is open 24-7 quite the opposite of the US.  So when you need to fill a prescription after 6pm during the week, Saturday night or on Sunday you have to figure out which apotheke is open that day.  Every neighborhood seems to have several apothekes and the one schedule that I found online was incorrect.  So I recommend walking to the nearest and checking out the posted "after hours schedule" - I can not remember the German name for this, but will update later - in order to see which one is open.  There is generally a different one each day and with in walking distance.  Hopefully you will never need this information, but it's very useful if needed.

Learning new things every day!