Sunday, December 4, 2011


Finally some rain arrived this weekend after the driest November in Germany....thank goodness!  However, the Michigander in me is anxious for the snow.  Soon enough hopefully.  Everyone has said that last year was really cold and snowy, but I imagine it's nothing compared to southwest Michigan.

I'm feeling rather grateful and even though I could list my gratitude's here - I will spare least a little....

Last night we were listening to music - String Cheese Incident - and our little love "Nugget" was bouncing around and jamming to the music.  We sat and watched my baby bump moving - what an extraordinary feeling - I will never forget that moment.  I am grateful for a healthy pregnancy.

Another gratitude I must share is for sunsets.  It may sound strange as Lake Michigan is one of the best places to catch a sunset, but in the evening the sky here in Frankfurt can be brilliantly colorful especially with all the contrails.  So Frankfurt sunsets are not on the same breathtaking level as back home, but they are beautiful in there own way and I am grateful for catching a glimpse each night.

 Sunset from our balcony.

Today I am grateful to have found so many gently used and much needed baby items to buy from others through Mother's Corner an extension of the American Women's Club and through the web forum Toy Town Germany a great resource to us for all things an expat living in Germany might need. 

A final gratitude....I'm grateful you took a moment to read my blog.  I hope that we can all find a few things to be grateful for each day.  Enjoy!