Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Home Sweet Home

I have been living in Frankfurt for two and half years now and still struggle to call it home.  After finally leaving my home town that I could not wait to flee as a teenager, I know that I want to go back.  Funny how life works.  For now I am enjoying life in Germany.  If I am really honest though- many times I find myself day dreaming about what I will do when we move back (SO many ideas), but then I pull myself back to the present, to the moment.

I was very lucky to go home for a visit this winter (YAY!).  I needed to see my family and friends and SNOW!  Yes, Michiganders I know you are sick of hearing about snow, seeing it, shoveling it, cursing it, driving in it - not mention the polar vortex.  But I was happy to see it.  Hannah was mesmerized.  And I have to teach my girl that she really is a Michigan girl at heart - sledding, snowball fights, snow angels, snowmen, all of it.  However, she was reluctant to be in it, but happy to watch it from the window; watch Papa plow, watch Mom shovel and see Nanny's car get covered with fluffy flakes.

Thank you for having us Michigan :)

Thank you Old Man Winter for allowing safe travels and on time flights.