Thursday, October 25, 2012

Baby Proofing

The time has come and it seems so fast, but the little squirt is rolling, scooting, commando crawling, and pulling her way wherever she deems fit to go.  So the baby proofing has begun!

 The glass table has been covered in this plastic material from IKEA and covered with a more attractive table cloth - wishing we would not have went with a furnished apartment, but we will make it work.  Baby proofing supplies have mostly been found at IKEA (baby gate), DM (everything you need at a fraction of the cost compared to BabyWalz) and thanks to my dear mother-in-law for sending us some foamy corners, which are coming in very handy.  And of course, there is the rearranging side of the baby proofing - everything breakable, destroy-able and dangerous moved up higher out of the hands of the very capable little destroyer - you would think it is her job.  Her curiosity and development is amazing to watch.  She has the attention span of a flea most of the time and when she wants something - it is definitely going in her mouth.  And the teeth....they hurt!!!

So the little roaming destroyer does not stay penned up for long - but Mama's got to type!  The ever interesting tale of our lives continues to unfold with free entertainment provided by Hannah.  I will have to do a post with pictures of all of her expressions - as they say...priceless.