Sunday, October 30, 2011

Street Markets Everywhere

Street of my favorite things about Germany so far.  There is always a market going on somewhere, except Sundays.  The markets are social gathering places that include venodrs selling wine, hard apple cider (Rauscher), and a Hessen favorite - Apfel Wien (apple wine), which is usually mixed with mineral water or orange Fanta and is quite refreshing in the warmer summer.  Then there are the vendors selling various wurst, currywurst, Frankfurters, and Pommes (french fries).

Pommes mit ketchup & Currywurst mit brot
(French Fries with ketchup & Currywurst with bread)

Yesterday's snack at the Bergerstrasse Market, pommes for me & wurst for my husband.  It's wonderful to see so many people out, shopping for fresh produce, fresh meats, natural honey, olives, teas, candies, bread, homemade egg noodles, etc - not typical in many American cities, although it is growing.  

I must mention that the Saturday markets are packed with people shopping for the weekend because everything, except restaurants are closed on Sundays.  So people are out stocking up for the weekend.  At first it took some getting use too - shopping every few days and stores being closed on Sundays, but I really enjoy both differences now.  Sundays are a true day of rest here...loud noise is not allowed (so no cutting grass, recycling glass, or loud music) and it is a day to be spent with family & friends.  Many Germans go on a family walk on Sundays - more on that later.  I love Sundays!

My friend Amanda was so right...I love the markets!  There is one market two blocks from our flat on Wednesdays and people stay in the park drinking wine, talking with friends, and shopping until almost eight o'clock in the evening.  A great way to spend the evening - unfortunately that wine is out the question for me right now!

More market pictures later this week...